Technical commitments and guarantees

GestMax is available in Saas mode. The application is hosted on our own servers, physically located in a data center 20 minutes from our headquarters, in the Lyon region.

This accommodation center benefits from all the infrastructure necessary for the guarantees we wish to give to our customers.

A powerful, honest and safe solution



Scheduled availability rate: 99.9% per year, excluding maintenance.

Performance and response time

Infrastructure designed to offer the shortest possible page viewing times (caching, minification, compression solutions).


Access to the servers is secure, protected by a firewall. Only accredited Kioskemploi personnel are authorized to access servers and data remotely.


Backups are performed daily and a history of 20 days is kept (backups possible on your servers). Data restores are performed on demand.


automatic, requiring no action on your part. KiosKemploi is committed to giving you free access to all the improvements and upgrades.


There are many indicators that allow us to constantly monitor our servers, both from an infrastructure and an application perspective.

Data ownership

The customer remains the owner of their data.

Data reversibility

At the end of the contract, we undertake to pass on to the client who requests it all the useful data and information we have to enable any successor provider ensuring the recovery and continuity of the IT solutions implemented.

Data integrity

Modification of the application data cannot be done without prior authentication. Connection data is kept for 1 year (according to current regulations), and personal data for a maximum of 5 years in protected archives.

Data privacy

Each client has their own database with specific access, as well as their own disk space. The application works with a system account (application / user) specific to each customer.

User authentication

Each user of the application has their own login / password. An authorization check is carried out each time information is accessed. Passwords are encrypted and “salted” before being stored in the database.