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GestMax is an e-recruitment solution in SaaS mode (software as a service). Accessible via the web, SaaS mode requires no installation or IT infrastructure at your place . Priority has been given to display performance and the shortest response times using proven technologies such as automatic load balancing on servers. This solution works on all computers, tablets or smartphones in responsive design mode . All our HR software is hosted in France in highly secure data centers. See our technical commitments .

Gestmax is made up of two parts: a front office (candidate area) and a back office (recruiter area).

The front office: the candidate area

Candidates apply on the front office, integrated into your website by an iframe principle. They can send their applications directly from your site , or be redirected to the form from an external site (jobboard, school, partner site, etc.). Gestmax indeed has ’a multicast ad module , Robopost, linked to hundreds of job boards around the world. Gestmax can also interface with your intranet, and thus allow your internal candidates (employees, agents, etc.) to submit mobility requests.

All the front offices set up by Kioskemploi are personalized : for each of our customers, we are able to respect the graphic charter, fonts, colors, etc. . In general, Kioskemploi can adapt the layout of your front office to the specific constraints of your website.

The back office: application management

The Gestmax back-office is the recruiter’s entry: it allows you to manage your positions, broadcast your advertisements on all of your job and job boards, and manage your applications.

Resource Request Module

Allows your managers to express recruitment needs. Once created, they follow one or more validation circuits, which can be adapted to your needs.

"Stations" module

Who will manage from the job definition, an ad then a publication which can be automatically multi-broadcast on your website and at your main employment partners

"Workflow candidates" module

Which will allow you to follow, classify, annotate your applications all along the process, and of course communicate with your candidates, exchange information internally, all of this being carefully documented.

"Recruitment Sessions" module

Allowing you to organize and manage your group interviews.

"Statistics" module

Allowing you to create your own data directories with color graphics.

"Vivier" module

Real personalized CV library allowing to keep and find an application among several tens of thousands thanks to a particularly powerful search engine.

Recruitment software to optimize your processes

GestMax was designed for companies with high standards in terms of recruitment process, while remaining a very easy to use and very intuitive solution. < / p>

Using GestMax can quadruple productivity on administrative tasks related to recruitment.

Almost limitless adaptability : GestMax has a common central architecture but each application is different. Understanding your needs and adapting the solution to your processes is one of the strengths of the solution.

Thereafter, you have the hand to develop your software without using the editor . It’s all for you!

Interface and integration of services

Our recruitment software is interfaced with many services useful for recruitment such as personality or language tests , Sirh applications , or a solution video interviews

By allowing you to have these services in GestMax and Simply Jobs, you save precious time by reconnecting, re-entering and transferring information . In addition, you centralize all the information , for example the result of a test, in the candidate file.

We integrate the AssessFirst module to offer our clients personality tests to send to their future candidates.

We work with Bright Language to provide you with the language skills assessment module for your future candidates.

Interview App is our partner with whom we work on the video interview module.

Customer testimonials

Gestmax allowed us to catalyze all of our recruitments on a single medium and manage a large number of applications in a few clicks. The evolutions of our procedures are quickly taken into account and translated into the solution by the project team. < / p>

Rudy Pauriche -

HRIS project manager, Métropole Européenne de Lille

We can absolutely say that the software helps us to optimize our recruitments. We have easy access to all applications, job modifications are also very easy to carry out. In addition, Gestmax adapts to the operation of each company.

Marion Boutruche

HR Assistant, Jouve

Gestmax is a very intuitive tool with many features. A personalized configuration allows to adapt to the needs of the company and to save precious time on repetitive actions […] The teams are very attentive to the needs and requests for changes in the tool.


Employment Manager & Employer Image, April

The relationship with the kioskemploi team is very good, they are available and responsive. For the deployment of the software on our stores we had to exchange very regularly, and despite the distance our account manager was very present and always good advice …

Anne-Sophie LASNIER

Hiring coordinator, Maisons du monde

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