Recruitment workflow


In order to answer the need to recruit new talent into the business, companies rely on recruitment workflows to manage the whole process: management of resource requests, publication of job adverts, reception and processing of applications, replying to candidates, managing CV databases, archiving actions…

Recruitment and application management software offered by KioskEmploi respond to the strong need of recruiters, especially with regards to standardising the stages of the recruitment process.

How to even out your workflow with a recruitment software

Putting a recruitment software such as GestMax in place allows you to undertake the different stages without disruption or change. By this latter one we mean an operation performed outside the recruitment solution, by phone or mail which would not be logged in the software, and would inevitably take more time.

  • Firstly, to keep a smooth and continuing workflow, the recruitment solution needs to be accessible for several categories of personnel. Not only does it mean a simple tool only accessible for HR personnel, who are trained and used to the tool. But is also grants access to department heads, managers and leaders who can trace the needs of the base level or management. These resource requests will be validated, according to the chosen option, by one or several levels of hierarchy. Next, a recruitment employee will take over by opening a posting, which will generate a standard advert. This is most of the time customizable and will be published on the employers website and on a number of external sites. There is never the need to rekey, or perform an operation outside the software. The workflow managed by the recruitment software considerably improves team productivity and helps all of the personnel involved in the recruitment operation save time. Each person involved in the process is alerted about the task they are managing and if this is unsuccessful, reminders are programmed in case of forgetting.
  • Secondly, the solution has the capacity to programme the process in detail by adapting to several particular cases and to different businesses’ processes. Directing these procedures is one thing, we must then ensure to provide users with user-friendly and ergonomic software. GestMax software allows an exceptional level of personalisation by adjusting the tool to the needs of our clients

The same workflow system is proposed for the application selection process. Candidates can be noted under a number of statuses, which either trigger actions (for example, meeting requests) or inform you of news regarding the recruitment stage (for example, transferring the file to an operations employee to seek their opinion). The GestMax workflow allows you to automate a large number of repeat or routine tasks. However, its most significant benefit is, without a doubt, not missing out any key part of the process, such as diploma verification or sending a personality test. Of course, all recruitment workflows can be completely personalised. We have deliberately desgined them to be flexible and implemented to fit the client’s process (although our consultants are there to advise you if you need).

Candidates themselves can benefit from the recruitment workflow: in the ‘Candidate space’ they are informed about the state and progression of their application. This considerably improves the candidate’s experience, which is becoming increasingly important.