Video interviews

Quick and practical for recruiters

The job interview on video is a practice that is becoming widespread in the world of recruitment : fast (the video interview generally lasts two to three minutes,) it is also a practical tool since the recruiter can view the interview interviews on a deferred basis when he sees fit.

It is also a new experience for the candidate by allowing him to express himself beyond his application.

Of course it does not replace the physical interview but it can constitute an important step in the preselection , in particular to assess the presentation, speech skills of a candidate or his aptitude to speak a foreign language.

User manual

The video interview interview allows to send a candidate a series of questions , which he must answer by filming himself. Once recorded, their responses are accessible on video directly in your recruitment solution .

The crucial point is to have this qualification tool in your Gestmax recruitment software , you select the candidate directly from the application , send them the questionnaire and receive the videos without leaving the application or re-entering any data.

The process after selecting the candidate

After selecting a candidate and a video interview model, the candidate receives an invitation to connect to the platform.

The candidate has 2 minutes to prepare between each question on the form.

He can of course shorten this period if he wishes. When the video starts, he can no longer go back and has a time limit to answer the question .

After the interview, the candidate’s videos are available in your software . Each question can be read separately.