Video interview


Video job interviews are becoming an increasingly common practice in the recruitment world: it is not just quick (video interviews generally last between two and three minutes), it is also a practical tool since the recruiter is able to interview candidates whenever it suits them. It is also a new opportunity for jobseekers to present themselves beyond their application file. Needless to say it does not replace having a face-to-face interview. However, it can still be an important step in initially screening candidates, particularly to assess their presentation skills, eloquence or even their ability to speak a foreign language.

How to use it:

Video recruitment interviews allow you to ask a candidate a series of questions and they will have to film themselves answering. Once their responses are saved, they are directly available in your recruitment solution. The crucial point is being able to use this qualifying tool within your Gestmax recruitment software, allowing you to directly select the candidate. Following their application, you can send them the questions and receive the video responses without having to abandon the application or re-enter any data.

The path following candidate selection:

Once a candidate has been selected to complete a video interview module, they will receive an invitation to sign on to the platform. The candidate has then 2 minutes between every question to prepare the questions on the list. They can shorten this gap if they wish to do so. Once the video starts candidates cannot go back and have a limited amount of time to answer the question.

Following the end of the interview, candidates videos can be found on your software. Each video response can be watched separately.