CV and application management software

Accessible, ergonomic and configurable

Speed ​​in integrating applications


Candidates who have applied to your front office, via your career site or from a job board, are automatically integrated into Gestmax. Applications are automatically linked to the corresponding position . GestMax also allows you to track the origin of your applications, which allows you to know by what medium the candidate has applied and to measure the importance and relevance of using this or that media and d ” adapt your communication accordingly.

GestMax also allows you to import applications received by email or by mail . The management of the applications received by these means is facilitated and can follow the same process as the applications integrated automatically. Integration is simple thanks to semantic CV analysis which saves the recruiter’s time by automatically retaking essential data from the candidate’s CV.

Easy processing of applications and CVs


Our application management tool allows quick reading of received applications and efficient management . Several features are available to facilitate the processing of applications by recruiters :

  • Our CV and cover letter preview tool for candidates allows quick reading and does not require clicking in the application to analyze it
  • GestMax offers the possibility of pre-sorting among applications by assigning a score. A percentage of agreement with the profile sought is assigned to the application according to certain criteria (number of years of experience, languages ​​spoken, etc.). This allows the recruiter at a glance to identify the candidates who best match the profile sought.

  • GestMax offers an advanced search function which allows sorting according to specific fields filled in by the candidate (possibility to filter by number of years of experience, by position, by location, etc.). Some filters can be displayed by default to save the user time.

Flexible and intuitive CV management software


GestMax is a fully configurable software. The processing of applications is made easier by our desire to offer unique software to each of our customers, by allowing extensive customization and by meeting the needs of specific developments.

The software configuration allows to limit the viewing of certain applications to specific users depending on the level of rights granted. A user will be able to have access for example, to the stations only based in a particular subsidiary.

GestMax allows you to define your own workflows and decide which statuses are accessible depending on the user, the type of position, the type of application (internal or external), etc. Management by statutes offers significant time savings in the processing of applications by allowing recruiters to trigger automatic actions, such as sending emails, SMS, transfer , etc.

Applications can be transferred to third parties who do not use Gestmax. These transfers are used to collect notifications from operational staff who do not have a Gestmax account . After receiving the application on their email address, the operator can leave a comment which will be automatically integrated into Gestmax.

In order to facilitate the processing of applications, any action taken by a user or by the applicant is kept in the history accessible from an application. Thus, it is possible at a glance to find the other applications made by a candidate.