Group interviews

Collective sessions or “group interviews” are frequently used in the recruitment of commercial functions and in the consulting trades.

They will first allow you to understand how the candidates interact with the group. They also provide significant time savings since the company presentation information and the issues of the position will be explained live and collectively.

Finally they make it possible to evaluate the candidate according to the same criteria, with the same recruiters therefore in a global context .

These collective job interviews are generally reserved for junior or young graduate profiles.

Typical course of a collective recruitment session:

1- Presentation of the speakers
2- Quick presentation of the candidates most of the time individually
3- Presentation of the company and the position to be filled, sometimes several positions
4- Collective debate, sometimes role-playing or simulation games
5- Personality test and / or interviews individual
6- Answers & amp; results, end of interview

Our GestMax recruitment management software incorporates a module specially dedicated to the management of group interviews : it allows you to invite and follow the presence (pending / confirmed) of a large number of candidates from various origins (positions, sourcing).

This feature also allows to invite a jury, or a group of recruiters and to edit standard documents: session reports , jury minutes, test results, etc.

The module “collective interview” will therefore facilitate the management of the whole process, from the invitation to the final processing of applications.