Statistical recruitment queries

Recruitment statistics: why do it?

Our recruitment software gives you access to a dozen pre-recorded statistics and available with a single click such as changes in CV flow, duration and results of a recruitment, distribution of applications by any type of criteria.

These statistics are very useful for knowing your candidate population, levels, salaries but also the source of the application .

You can obtain not only raw data such as the number of candidates received by L’Apec for example, but also relative data, ie the number of candidates per position, by ad or by standard profile.

These statistics will help you determine which media are the most effective at recruiting and will therefore allow you to make significant savings on your job advertisement purchases.

Each statistic is presented in tabular form and is always accompanied by a representation 3D color graphics such as a histogram or a pie chart.

GestMax also includes exclusive statistics detailing the popularity of your ads: visitor traffic in terms of employment pages on your career site or geographic origin of visitors.

Finally, managers will have statistics on the activity of recruiters and operational staff.

Universal recruiter of recruiting statistics

In addition to these prerecorded statistics, GestMax has a requester , an advanced tool, allowing the recruiter to create personalized reports or tailor-made statistics .

The data fields that can be the subject of statistics, always accompanied by a graphical representation, are limitless.

This tool is very popular with HR managers to support their annual social reports .