CV and recruitment request management

Centralize the processing of job offers and the processing of applications

Each company has its own recruitment process and these procedures may involve the intervention of several employees.

There are still common points between these different recruitment processes. We can see that many companies have chosen to centralize the processing of job offers (creation, publication, etc.) and the processing of applications (reception, analysis, interview, etc.), within the Resources department. Human.

This operating mode implies for these companies, the implementation of a process allowing all the operational staff present in agencies, in the various departments, stores, etc., to transmit to this Human Resources department, all recruitment requests . The feedback of information will very often be accompanied by the implementation of a validation workflow by different decision-makers.

Entering the resource request

In order to respond to this organization, GestMax and SimplyJobs integrate a recruitment request module.

Operational managers (service managers, managers, store managers, regional recruiters, etc.) will use this functionality in order to easily and quickly formulate and transmit all of their recruitment needs to the Human Resources department. These requests for resources are very often subject to authorization from the hierarchy.

This entry operation must be simple and quick for operational managers. This is why in the software, a library of standard or specific forms is made available to users.

Employees, depending on the access rights granted in the software, have the possibility of using one or other of the forms in order to transmit their recruitment requests and all the useful information on the profile sought.

Validation of the recruitment request


As soon as a recruitment request is initiated by an operational manager, a validation workflow will be set up . This process can include different stages of validation, depending on the internal organization of the company.

The creation of this decision workflow (from 1 to ‘x’ levels) is very easily configurable in the software.

The retail sector very often has this type of validation process. Indeed, we regularly notice that recruitment requests come from store managers or department / sector heads.

These resource needs are validated first by the regional manager or the store manager , before being validated by one or two other decision-makers and finally by the Resources department Human for publication .

Users empowered to validate recruitment requests are successively informed by email when their validation action is necessary . This message invites the user to connect to the application or to directly validate or refuse this request for resources in the message using a set of links present in the email.

The requester is alerted at each stage of the process which allows him to follow the progress of his request.

When the final decision maker validates the recruitment request, it becomes possible for the HR department to enter a new job offer and publish it on the various media , based on the elements entered by the applicant.