Candidate evaluation tests

Why assess the candidates?

Sometimes reading the CV and the first interview are not always enough to get a clear idea of ​​the candidate’s skills or personality, especially when it comes to reporting on language skills or real-world behavior and within the team.

It is to meet this need for verification and in-depth analysis that the recruitment and hiring tests were born. Now, the market offers many assessment solutions , whether to confirm an intuition about a profile or check the skills written on the CV.

But all these platforms require registration on each of them, which requires time, organization and a work of data collection which remained disseminated thereafter on the different sites.

Centralize your recruitment tests

Gestmax makes it easy to send and collect feedback by centralizing everything directly on each profile page .

You can create tests and send them to candidates , who can then answer them online and complete them.

The analysis of their responses by our expert system allows us to give you their results and their interpretations in an instantaneous way, which allows you save a lot of time in your selection process.

Score the candidates according to your criteria

Thanks to the grading module integrated in Gestmax, you can create your own evaluations and grade the candidates according to user-defined criteria.

These criteria correspond to specific skills and can be reused from one job offer to another for more automation . You can assign notes manually, adjust them at any time, and adjust the coefficients.

The candidate’s total average will appear on their sheet. Within the framework of a recruitment session organized with a Jury (available in module), the latter can mark all the candidates . You can also transmit your rating scale to a third party to allow them to enter their own marks.

Discover our partnerships with
the best hiring test providers on the market


    With AssessFirst, test the personality of candidates on three fundamental areas in 10 to 15 minutes: Relationships with others, Way of working and Management of emotions. Used by more than 10,000 recruiters worldwide, AssessFirst is the European leader in recruitment tests to assess the psychological and emotional potential of candidates. Thanks to our partnership, take advantage of a free summary of the results detailing the main talents of the candidate evaluated directly on his page. The full results of the evaluation are available in the form of paid credits or subscriptions.

    We are also partners with BrightLanguage, provider of language assessments for companies wishing to test the foreign language skills of candidates or employees. From the Gestmax interface, you can create a battery of tests in 11 different languages, both written and spoken. Applicants then have 45 to 60 minutes to complete them and the results are immediately available to you on the application form. You can see in particular the general level of the candidate as well as the time it took him to answer the questionnaires. This gateway requires the purchase of credits from BrightLanguage.