Recruitment dashboard

Follow your ongoing recruitment campaign!

The Gestmax home page is set up with a personalised recruitment dashboard, which is updated in real time. It is entirely customizable and allows each user to visualize the information that is interests them, especially new changes since their last connection and any planned or completed tasks. For example, a recruiter can use the dashboard to access the most recent applications, unread messages from candidates, planned or scheduled interviews for the following week, and so on. Users can also make use of statistics graphics that may be relevant for their recruitment management. For example, the CV flow per day and month, or the breakdown of these same candidates based on a certain criteria.

Each user profile can be entirely personalised depending on their access rights. Recruiters may need to look through applications for job openings or statistics on its group’s activity, while customer service managers will, instead, need to advise a certain candidate, and so on…

How the Gestmax recruitment dashboard works

Once the user downloads the recruitment software, they are presented with the standard recruitment dashboard. It features ten commonly used widgets, and can be customised by moving, modifying or removing given widgets, as well as by creating new ones, all of this on the same page and with a single click. Users can create an unlimited amount of widgets at any time, placing a certain query or result directly on the dashboard as a new custom widget. You can also set up your data as a chart to help you analyse your recruitment campaigns on a daily basis.

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