Internal mobility management

The challenges of internal mobility

Do we need to remind you of the benefits of internal mobility in a business? Besides from proposing employees opportunities for career advancement and acting as a social elevator within the organisation, internal applications also offer you significant savings in time and resources in the recruitment process.

Since you are already aware of the competences and personality of candidates, you reduce the level of uncertainty linked to discovering and analysing external profiles. At the same time you eliminate all the stages involving CV verification and reference as well as aptitude checks. You also benefit from on valuable business-specific skills and knowledge that can be used to your advantage as they will guarantee a quicker understanding of the role and immediate integration.

Contributor space: employment method

As a recruitment software, Gestmax is there to facilitate your process. That is why we propose you to manage internal applications via the Contributor Space.

All the contributors of a company can create a personal space in which they can:

  • Update their CVs
  • Be a part of their mobility requests
  • Consult and reply directly to internal job offers

As for the recruiter side, you can manage the internal applications in a specific way. Thanks to a dedicated module you are able to visualise and gather all the information about a certain employee. This includes:

  • Details of their mobility wishes: date of submission, geographic mobility and even specific reason for the wishes
  • The path the contributor wishes to follow in the business, as well as the names of different managers to contact and speed up the decision-making process
  • The history of offered tasks and their status

The recruiter can also ‘push’ opportunities to the portals of certain contributors.

This module can also be interfaced with your personnel management solutions in order to integrate elements such as annual evaluations or a more detailed pathway, among other aspects. Finally, through this module you will be able to propose job offers to contributors and to advertise posts that are currently open that may appeal to them. These will be according to their professional goals and aim to speed up the recruitment by bringing together the needs of the company and the wishes of the employees.