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The Gestmax software

GestMax is a recruitment and application management software. The solution allows to manage its recruitments from a to z , from multicasting of offers (HR site, job sites, social networks) to management of the applications received .

Special attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the solution , each new feature is tested with a panel of users .

The functionality of Gestmax

Whatever your type of company and your recruitment volumes , our recruitment software has many functions


Customizable organization, updated in real time.

Multicasting of job offers

Allows you to publish an advertisement on several different media.

Recruiter career website

Create your HR site in a few clicks thanks to our expertise.

Request management

The management of recruitment requests is simplified thanks to an easy to handle process.

Candidate pool

Auto refresh duplicated. Accurate and fast searches.

Candidate evaluation tests

Directly manage from GestMax the sending of tests to your candidates.

CV and application management

Receipt of classified applications & amp; monitoring of candidate status by CV.

Recruitment workflow

Organize your interviews and manage your schedules thanks to the agenda included in the solution.

Import of applications

Automatically integrate without re-entering social media and email applications.

Statistical queries

You have an advanced query tool allowing you to create personalized reports.

Tracking publications

Manage your job offers by medium and control your stocks.

Candidate communication

Communicate with your candidates via dedicated messaging, emails and emailing campaign.

Internal mobility management

GestMax allows you to publish offers on an intranet or other internal business tool.

Candidate diploma automatic verification

Gestmax includes an automatic verification module for candidates’ diplomas.

Video interview module

When you want to summon a candidate for a video interview via Skype or Hangout directly via the interface.

Multilingual version

Gestmax is available in more than 3 languages ​​with English, French and German.

Group interviews

“Jury module” for integrating several candidates during an interview.

Integration of auto applications at trade fairs

The candidates you meet at trade shows arrive directly in your pool after making contact.

Integrated search engine

The search engine makes your HR software more practical.

Scoring of applications

Percentage of correspondence between the candidate’s skills and those desired for the position

Interface and integration of services

Our recruiting software is interfaced with many useful recruitment services such as personality or language tests , Sirh applications , or a video interviews

By allowing you to have these services in GestMax, you save precious time by reconnecting, re-entering and transferring information . In addition, you centralize all the information , for example the result of a test, in the candidate file of GestMax.


We integrate the AssessFirst module to offer our clients personality tests to send to their future candidates.

We work with Bright Language to provide you with the language skills assessment module for your future candidates.

Interview App is our partner with whom we work on the video interview module.

Creation of recruiting career sites

Having a real career site is a key element in a recruitment strategy and in the development of the employer image .

Where certain companies are content with a simple “recruitment” page, the link of which is relegated to the bottom of the generalist site or the merchant site, the establishment of a recruiting career site allows communicate more specifically to your candidates .

All the application management software developed by Kioskemploi is designed to interface harmoniously with your HR site.

How does SaaS Gestmax recruitment software work?

GestMax, your personalized software recruitment solution is available in Saas mode (Software as a Service), This means that it requires no installation on your servers , you log in through a simple internet connection. The application is available 365 days a year and your data is stored in a highly secure data center and backed up daily .

Advice, support and Kioskemploi guarantees

GestMax is available in Saas mode . The application is hosted on our own servers , physically located in a datacenter 20 minutes from our headquarters, in the Lyon region . This accommodation center benefits from all the infrastructures necessary for the guarantees that we wish to give to our customers.

Customer support

  • Audit and configuration
  • Implementation and tests
  • Training and optimization
  • User support
  • Technical and functional support
  • Updates

Technical commitments and guarantees

  • Availability of the sales and technical team
  • Performance and response time
  • Security, backups and updates
  • Data ownership, reversibility and integrity
  • Supervision of each project
  • Powerful, honest and safe solution

Témoignages clients

Gestmax allowed us to catalyze all of our recruitments on a single medium and manage a large number of applications in a few clicks. The evolutions of our procedures are quickly taken into account and translated into the solution by the project team.

Rudy Pauriche -

HRIS project manager, Métropole Européenne de Lille

We can absolutely say that the software helps us to optimize our recruitments. We have easy access to all applications, job modifications are also very easy to carry out. In addition, Gestmax adapts to the operation of each company.

Marion Boutruche

HR Assistant, Jouve

Gestmax is a very intuitive tool with many features. A personalized configuration allows to adapt to the needs of the company and to save precious time on repetitive actions […] The teams are very attentive to the needs and requests for changes in the tool.


Employment Manager & Employer Image, April

The relationship with the kioskemploi team is very good, they are available and responsive. For the deployment of the software on our stores we had to exchange very regularly, and despite the distance our account manager was very present and always good advice …

Anne-Sophie LASNIER

Hiring coordinator, Maisons du monde

Customer references

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