Software SaaS

What is SaaS format ?

The spread of ‘cloud’ computing has allowed an increasing number of Saas (Software as a service) formats to be developed. Saas allows users to have access to a software database through a remote network (most often via internet). This means you can access your Gestmax software from any place equipped with an internet connection. The Saas format works as a subscription service and not as a product or license purchase.

What are the advantages of Saas software?

With Saas you can:

  • Access your candidate database whenever and wherever you need it. You can manage your ongoing recruitment campaigns remotely on any device with an internet connection.
  • Benefit from automatic updates of Gestmax’s latest features through your subscription. You won’t have to do anything. Updates are directly added to your software (twice a year) without additional fees. We pay close attention to customer satisfaction. Your requests, suggestions, comments and ideas are important to us and taken into account in order to improve our functionalities and to offer you quality updates.
  • Easily adjust the number of users with access to your software. We have put an annual subscription system in place allowing you to subscribe to licenses according to the number of users you need with access to the software. Saas subscription allows you to work around your budget and tailor your subscription to your needs in licenses and options.

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