Technical promises and guarantees

A reliable and continuous hosting platform

GestMax is available in Saas mode. The application is hosted on our own servers, physically located in a data centre 20 minutes from our workplace in the Lyon region.

This hosting centre benefits from all the necessary guarantee infrastructure that we want to offer to our clients.


A high-performing, safe and integrated solution


It is available 99.9% of the year, excluding essential maintenance time.

Performance and speed of response 

The infrastructure has been created to ensure the shortest delays possible in page consultation (caching, compression and minification solutions).


Access to the servers is secure and protected by firewall. Only credited individuals from Kioskemploi have remote access to the servers and data


Safeguards are performed daily, with a 20 history log saved (safeguards are possible on your servers). Restoration of data can be done on request.


These are automatic and don’t require any intervention from you. Kioskemploi promises all updates and software improvements are free of charge.


Several indicators allow us to permanently oversee our servers, both in terms of infrastructure and application.

Data possession

The client remains owner of their data.

Data reversibility

After the contract ends we transfer the client who made the request all of the useful data and information that we have in order to help each the succeeding partner pick up the project easily and ensure continuity of the technological solutions put in place.

Data integrity

Application data modifications cannot be done without previous authorisation. Connection data is saved for one year (according to the rules enforced) and personal data is saved in secured archives for a maximum of 5 years.

Data confidentiality

Each client has their own database with specific access rights, as well as their own disk space. The application works with a system account (application and user), personal to each client.

User authentication

Each application user has their own login and password. An authorisation check is done for every attempt at accessing information. Passwords are encrypted before being saved into the database.