Tests and candidate assessment

Why should you assess candidates?

Reading CVs and first interviews are not always enough to obtain a clear idea of the abilities and personality of a candidate, especially when it comes to linguistic competence or situational behaviour and team work skills. Recruitment and interview tests were created to respond to this need for validation and in-depth analysis.  The market currently offers several evaluation solutions, be it to confirm an intuition about a certain profile or to verify abilities stated on a CV. However, all of these platforms require you to sign up individually, involving time-consuming data gathering from different sites and organisation.

Centralize your recruitment testing

Gestmax simplifies sending and collecting your evaluations by centralising everything directly on the profile of each candidate. By way of this you can create tests and send them to candidates, who can then reply and complete them online. Our expert system analyses their responses and allows us to instantly transmit to you their results and outcomes, allowing you to gain a lot of time in your selection process.

Discover our partnerships with the best providers of employment tests on the market

  • With AssessFirst, you can test candidates’ personality in three key areas: interaction with others, working methods and emotional management and it will only take between 10 to 15 minutes. Used by more than 10,000 recruiters worldwide, AssestFirst is the European leader for recruitment tests to evaluate candidates’ psychological and emotional state. Thanks to our partnership you benefit from a free summary of results detailing the candidate’s main talents, which are directly assessed on the page. The complete evaluation results are available upon purchase of credits or subscription.
  • We are also partnered with BrightLanguage, a provider of language evaluations for companies needing to test foreign language aptitudes in candidates or contributors. On the Gestmax homepage you can create a selection of written and oral tests in 11 different languages. Candidates will then have 45 to 60 minutes to complete these and the results will be immediately available to you on the candidate’s profile. You will be able to see a candidate’s general level as well as the time taken to respond to the survey. This will require the purchase of credits from BrightLanguage.

Rank candidates according to your criteria

Thanks to the scoring module integrated within Gestmax, you can create your own evaluation and grade candidates according to criteria defined by the users. This criteria corresponds to precise skills and can be reused for more than one job post in order to automate your process. You can manually assign grades, adjust these at any time and change the coefficients. The candidate’s total score average will appear on the profile. As part of a recruitment session with a Jury (available in module), this jury can also grade all candidates. You can also send your rating scale to a third party to allow them to enter their own notes.