Recruitment statistic reports

Recruitment statistics: why are they important?

Our recruitment software gives you access to a dozen pre-registered statistics options available with a click. Some of these are: the progress of CV influx, duration and assessment of recruitment or distribution of applications by all types of criteria. These statistics are very useful in order to understand your candidate population, levels, salaries as well as the source of the application. You can access the raw data, such as the number of candidates received by a certain source, as well as related data such as the number of applicants per job post, by advert and even by type of profile.

These statistics will help you determine what media works most effectively for your recruitment, and will thus allow you to save significant amounts of money when it comes to purchasing your job adverts.

Each statistic is presented in a table format and is always accompanied by a coloured 3D graphical representation (histogram or pie chart).

GestMax also integrates exclusive statistics laying out the popularity of your adverts: visitor numbers on the job pages of your employment sites, as well as the geographic origin of the visitors.

Finally, managers have access to statistics on recruiter and operations personnel activity.

Universal survey of recruitment statistics

Apart from the pre-registered statistics, you have access to an advanced query tool through GestMax, allowing the recruiter to create personalised relationships and customizable statistics. The data fields can be transformed into statistics and graphics an unlimited number of times. This tool is very popular with Directors of Human Resources to support their annual social reporting.


 Recruitment statistic reports