Managing CVs and recruitment needs


Each company has its own recruitment process and its procedures may require the involvement of several contributors.

The common features remain the same even throughout different recruitment processes. We think several companies have chosen to centralise their job offer management (creation and publication) and the management of application (reception, analysis, interview), at the heart of the Human Resources service.

For companies, this way of working means setting up a process allowing the entirety of the operations teams in a company, in all the different services, shops, etc, to interact via this Human Resources service and solve all of the recruitment needs in one place. The increase of information is often accompanied with the setting up of a workflow of validation by different decision makers.

Input for resources request

In order to respond to the needs of specific organisations, GestMax and SimplyJobs have integrated a module for recruitment requests.

Operational managers (such as service managers, managers, store managers and regional recruiters) are going to use these features in order to quickly and easily formulate and transfer their recruitment needs via the HR service. These resource demands are often subject to hierarchy authorisation.

This input operation has to be simple and quick for Operations managers. That’s why the software offers users a collection of standard and specific formulas.

Depending on their level of access, contributors have the opportunity to use any of these filters in order to transfer their recruitment requests and all useful information concerning a certain profile.


Validating a recruitment request

As soon as the recruitment request is initiated by an Operations Manager, the verification workflow will be put in place. This process can take into account several stages of verification, according to the internal organisation of the company.

The workflow decision creation (to whatever level is needed) is very easy to integrate in the software.

The sector of great distribution possesses often XXX verification process. Indeed, we regularly see that recruitment requests come from retail managers or department/ sector heads.

These needs for resources are verified firstly by the regional manager or director of the business (before being verified by one or two other decision makers) and finally by the Human Resources service to be published.

Users who are allowed to validate recruitment requests are subsequently informed by email when it is necessary for them to perform validation. This message invites the user to sign on to the application or directly approve or refuse this request within the message, thanks to the links present on the email.

The person who originally submitted the request is then alerted at each stage of the process, allowing them to follow the progress of their request.

Once the final decision-maker verifies the recruitment request, it becomes possible for the HR service to input a new post offer and to publish this on the different media, using the details inputted by the original poster.