Management software for CVs and applications


Finding an efficient application management tool is one of the biggest challenges faced by those involved in the recruitment process. GestMax is a CV management software that adapts to your needs. We offer you accessible, ergonomic and customizable software to help you optimise your recruitment process.

Quickly integrate your applications

Candidates who have applied through your front office, your job website or even via a job board are automatically integrated onto Gestmax. Applications are automatically sent to the same corresponding place. GestMax also allows you to track the origin of your applications, allowing you to find out the media through which the candidate applied. Consequently, you can measure the importance and relevance of the use of a certain media, and to adapt your communication accordingly.

GestMax, additionally, allows you to import applications received by email and even by post. Managing applications received by post is easy and can follow the same process as applications that are automatically integrated. Integration is simple thanks to the semantic analysis of CVs, which allows the recruiter to save time by automatically regrouping the candidate’s essential CV data.


Easily handle your applications and CVs

Our application management tool allows you to quickly read the applications received and manage them efficiently. Several features are available to recruiters to improve the handling of applications:

  • Our CV and cover letter preview feature enables you to scan the documents without having to click on the application to analyse them
  • GestMax offers the option of carrying out a preliminary filter of candidates by scoring them. The candidate will receive a percentage depending on how much they resemble the ideal candidate profile, which is based on specific criteria (eg. years of experience, languages spoken, etc). At a glance, recruiters can pick out what candidates best match the desired profile.
  • GestMax offers a powerful search function, allowing for filtering based on specific fields (for example you can filter your search by years of experience, job post, location, etc). Some filters can be saved as default to save time in the future.

Flexible and intuitive CV management software

GestMax is a completely customizable software tool. Application management is made easy thanks to our desire to provide a unique software to each of our clients by allowing them powerful personalisation and answering to their needs regarding specific developments.

The dashboard of the software allows you to limit viewing of certain applications to specific users, based on their access rights. A user could, for example, have access only to posts based in a specific associate branch.

GestMax allows you to define your own workflows and to grant access rights depending on user, type of post, application type (be it internal or external), etc. Management by status allows you to save a significant amount of time regarding the treatment of applications by allowing recruiters to carry out automatic functions, such as sending emails and SMS and transfers.

Applications can even be transferred to third parties who don’t use GestMax. These transfers allow you to even gather opinions from users who do not have a GestMax account. After you receive an application in your inbox, the user can also leave a comment that will be automatically integrated into GestMax.

In order to improve application management, any action undertaken by a user or by the candidate is saved in the history (this is accessible from an application profile). In addition, it is possible to see, at a glance, other applications submitted by a certain candidate.