Job distribution software

Distribute your offers easily on multiple job boards

GestMax and Simply Jobs allow you to distribute your adverts on hundreds of job sites. Your offers can be sent to generalist sites such as Totaljobs, Jobsite, Monster, Reed, Glassdoor, as well as specialist sites. GestMax and Simply Jobs have worked with specialist student job boards (Studentjob, Notgoingtouni, ParTime student); fashion job boards (FashionUnited) and hospitality job boards (inploi, Traveljob search), etc.

We are continously developing new links and partnerships upon request.

Fast and simple advert multiposting

Distributing your adverts on your chosen job boards is extremely simple: all it takes is a few clicks to submit all the elements of a post to the chosen job site and your advert is online within 24 hours.

The integrated multiposting feature allows you to see in real time the status of your advert. The advert status changes from ‘Sent to site’ to ‘Online’ as soon as it is published. It then changes to ‘Expired’ as soon as it is no longer available.

Most job boards will provide a link that will redirect you to the advert online on the job board in question.


Are you recruiting internationally? No problem: application management software Gestmax and Simply Jobs are partnered with most main job sites in Europe:,,,,,, etc.

What if your desired job board is not on that list? No problem. Our technicians contact your chosen job board in order to set up a partnership. If it is feasible, we will set up a link as quickly as possible so that you can broadcast your adverts directly from our software.


You can find all the details on the status of your ongoing credit packs directly on the software: you can find out, at a glance, the number of credits you have left on a certain job board and what placements are still available.

Complementary services

You can make the most of the expert advice from Human Resources communication agency Aktor Interactive, the parent company of Kioskemploi. By pairing Aktor’s services with those of Kioskemploi, you deal with a single company from the correct choice of job board, to the purchase of advert packs, to the job advert upload.

Integrate all of your job sites into your media plan!

Would you rather not establish automatic multiposting gateways? What if your chosen media cannot be linked with our dashboard? No problem: Gestmax and Simply Jobs are not limited to automatic publication needs, and can just as easily allow you to distribute on any site or external partner at no additional cost, thanks to the media mails and manuals. You can integrate all your mailing lists (schools, press, etc) into your tool and send them your adverts via personalised emails. Once the offers are online, applications are sent to you right away, allowing you to establish very clear statistics about your media’s performance.