Integration of applications from fairs


Automatic integration of applications received in recruitment fairs and HR forums

Whether it be at university job fairs or recruitment fairs, the physical presence of recruiters at HR events allowing them to physically meet candidates has developed significantly in recent years.

However, detecting strong potential candidates in these type of events is not always an easy task. Meetings are held amidst constant hubbub and very little time is given to each candidate as there are often several candidates waiting.

Candidates usually come to these kind of events with their CVs at hand. So how can you gather these application documents without having to re-enter data or make the candidate fill in an online application form?

This scenario is familiar to us. That is why GestMax has been able, for several years now, to integrate an automatic recovery solution for paper CVs as well as the option of attaching notes taken during the fair.

You scan the CV using a tablet and can send it to the right place in your Gestmax recruitment software automatically, be it to a group of unsolicited applications or to a specific recruiter. You can complete this transfer with a bloc-note sent in real time.



Intégration des candidatures salons