Group interviews


Group sessions or interviews are frequently used in the context of hiring for sales and consulting roles. They allow you to initially assess the way in which candidates interact with a group. They also save you a significant amount of time as the company presentation and job specifications are given collectively and directly.

Finally, they allow you to fully assess candidates following the same criteria and with the same recruiters.

These group job interviews are generally for junior roles or recent graduates.

How a group recruitment session works:

  1. Presentation of the interviewers
  2. Quick individual candidate presentations
  3. Presentation of the company and the job post/s
  4. Group discussion, perhaps a role play or simulation
  5. Personality test and/ or individual interviews
  6. Replies and results, end of the interview

Our recruitment management software has a module specifically dedicated to group interviews. It allows you to invite and follow the status (pending or confirmed) of a significant number of candidates from different sources (job postings or recruiting). This feature allows you to also invite a panel or group of recruiters and to also edit standard documents such as session reports, jury minutes, test results, etc.

The group interview module improves the management of the entire process, from bringing the candidates together to the final selection process.