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With the help of the expertise of HR consultancy agency Aktor, you can develop your employer brand by creating a recruiter website that reflects you!

Give yourself a privileged set place dedicated for candidates which will allow you to optimise your communication for recruitment and to increase your Human Resources attractiveness, all while generating qualified applications.

A human resources site for your company?

We internally develop a made-to-measure recruitment portal to welcome the entirety of your future candidates. Our career sites are created and personalised according to your needs and according to your brand design. We develop your future professional website with the latest web development tools and we work swiftly throughout the project.

The Kioskemploi and Aktor Interactive teams are available to provide you with the best service  possible.

Here is a sample of our work. Feel free to explore the links to each website.

Cultura company website

Cultura already had a corporate site but it was not modern. Therefore the idea was to completely remake the site in order to offer users a more dynamic site in line with Cultura’s values. The graphic design was thus completely redone: offering a modern and refined model which allows intuitive navigation. The site also allows for learning about Cultura and its brand in an interactive and interesting way, but also allows you to quickly apply to all the job offers online, thanks to its connection with Gestmax.

Cultura HR website

Site carrière recruteur Cultura

Site carrière recruteur castorama

Castorama Career site

The ‘Castorama and me’ Human Resources site displays their distinctly youthful positioning. The focus is on opportunities for students and graduates, via targeted content and dynamic web design. Connected to GestMax, the website allows you to consult all of the group’s available opportunities to create a candidate space and to apply in just a few clicks.
Castorama HR website

Maisons du Monde Career website

Maisons du Monde’s brand-new recruitment website has just been launched. The tastefully developed design respects the company’s original brief. Maisons du Monde Human Resources also displays its news with an array of photos. In using GestMax, the website broadcasts national and international employment offers for Maison du Monde. The website is also connected to a large number of employment sites thanks to Robopost, a multiposting tool.

Maisons du Monde HR website

Site carrière recruteur Maisons du monde

Site RH Feu vert

Feu vert Franchisé Career site

Dedicated to the recruitment of future employees at Feu vert, this website prioritises the opportunities on the network in an interactive way: flash cards, video testimonials from collaborators… up to the online form, which allows visitors to send in their applications.

Feu Vert wishes to develop its recruiting website with Kioskemploi.

Feu Vert Franchise website

Recruitment website : Les Villages Clubs du Soleil

Villages Clubs du Soleil’s career website has a strong interactive dimension. From the home button, a flash animation immerses the visitor in the club’s universe. A candidate quiz allows the user to test their knowledge on the Group in a playful way. Connected to GestMax, the site allows candidates to apply after they have familiarised themselves with the company via the job profiles and partner testimonials.
Les Villages Clubs du Soleil HR website

Site RH Les villages du soleil

Site RH Toupargel

Toupargel HR website

A dynamic homepage with associate profiles on a loop to correspond to the company’s values and the expected qualities: enthusiasm, determination, energy.

Thanks to the videos and client accounts, a clear and concrete to progress together. A search engine and a map allows you access to the offers and applications.

Toupargel HR website

Kiloutou Career site

A new job site with a deliberately muted tone gives pride of place to video. Notably the home page opens to 3 video sketches, light-heartedly illustrating the point Kiloutou is making. This employment TV channel allows you to discover, through video testimonial, the entirety of the jobs available at Kiloutou. With GestMax, the job offers are broadcast not only on Kiloutou’s own website, but also are distributed on a number of job sites thanks to Robopost multiposting technology.

Kiloutou HR site

Site carrière Kiloutou

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