Automatic validation of candidate diplomas

Why verify diplomas featured on CVs?

Even though diploma and professional experience verification is a systematic process in the Anglo-Saxon world and in Germany (where candidates are requested to submit a copy of these documents), this practice is still not widespread in France. As a result, French recruiters read a number of untrustworthy CVs, making this phenomenon a major and problematic challenge in the recruitment process. This conclusion has also been drawn from several studies which estimate that at least 30% of CVs falsely quote diplomas or misrepresent them.

Far from being an isolated reality, this phenomenon seems to be a growing issue. There have been a few highly-publicised cases, such as that of a Sales Director who lied about his past experiences that were deciding factors in his interview. This shows how this can potentially happen in any department or level within an organisation. In the case of strictly regulated professions, such as law, architecture or high-level accountancy, diplomas are essential to be able to practise the trade and those who lie about their achievements risk a 3 year prison sentence and a 45,000 Euro fine.

What are the risks?

For recruiters in charge of finding the perfect candidate to suit a company’s needs, the spread of fake diplomas and CVs makes the validation process more complex and increases the risk of hiring an unqualified candidate.

This as well as the missions involved would mean false documents could have significantly impacted the daily activities of a company in both the short and long term. You would have ended up with a candidate unable to fully take on the fixed objectives and who might have even slowed down other colleagues or prevented them from properly completing their work.

For risky or sensitive job roles, security and personal data of the company must be taken into consideration as the newly recruited employee might not follow protocol. Finally, when you discover the truth, you will have to consider the cost and time you will have to reinvest in a new recruitment process.

Gestmax: partnered with Verifdiploma

As part of a partnership with Verifdiploma, Gestmax has integrated a module allowing you to automatically verify diplomas and candidate certifications. It is a database with over 3.5 million qualified individuals and more than 350 signed conventions with the largest higher education establishments. Verifdiploma is the market leader for authentication and validation of diplomas. This additional security gate is directly available on Gestmax’s interface.




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