Applicant communication: email list and messaging system


Communicate with your candidates through the dedicated messaging tool – you can either send personalised emails or launch email campaigns (with news and latest offers).

Candidate interaction via a unique interface

Long gone are the days of interacting with candidates via several scattered and easily-lost emails. So are the days of storing data in an Excel or Word document hidden somewhere in your company network. GestMax allows you to centralise all your information in one place to avoid losing it and to allow you to easily distribute your knowledge to other contributors in your business who also have access to GestMax recruitment software.

Our software will keep a complete history log of written exchanges with the entirety of your candidate base.

What GestMax brings to your emailing campaigns

We bring you an automation of tasks for sending mails to a segmented group of candidates or to all candidates of a recruitment campaign in order to save time and achieve effective and relevant mass communication.

We support your e-mailing campaigns creating customized ones through a strong process  to optimise your communication.

All you have to do is send us your contact list and message body and we deal with the rest. We take care of the set up and installation of the template components as well as the report on the statistics about the opening of your mail sending.


If you want to learn the best practices on how to comunicate with your candidates and attract the best talents, feel free to download our free white paper on Inbound Recruiting!

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