Kioskemploi: History key facts and about us

    •  Launch of Kioskemploi
      It is one of the first Saas solutions for recruitment management.

    • Purchase of Kioskemploi
      Aktor Interactive acquires Kioskemploi.

    • Strong period of growth for Kioskemploi
      2015 - 2016
      Kioskemploi experiences a period of strong growth and increases its turnover by 30% each day.

  • Purchase of AD-RH
    Group Aktor continues to grow and buys AD-RH and its SIRH AD-MEN software in order to expand what it can offer.

Kioskemploi is a recruitment software editor founded in 1999 specialising in the management of applications and job offers.

Kioskemploi goals :

To enable recruiters to autonomously run their entire e-recruitment process. From the moment the post is created, up until the distribution of their adverts on a variety of job boards. Application management involves several features to allow sorting, scoring and replying to candidates, as well as evaluating and following them throughout all the stages of recruitment.

  • Launch of Kioskemploi in 1999, one of the first three solutions for recruitment management in Saas
  • In 2010, Kioskemploi merges with Aktor, a consulting agency in employer branding and e-recruitment
  • From 2015 onwards, Kioskemploi grows rapidly, between 20 and 30% each year
  • In 2016, the company gains 15 new clients representing 180 additional users
  • In 2017, the Aktor group acquire AD-RH, an editor specialised in recruitment software for recruitment companies

Kioskemploi today:

  • Is a specialised recruitment software of the last generation of GESTMAX for ETI and big companies, formatted into a simplified version for PME Simply Jobs
  • Counts nearly 100 clients in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Canada
  • Has 10 collaborators in Lyon and Paris, among which 5 are computer engineers dedicated to the development and optimisation of the solution

Advantages of Kioskemploi

  • All the IT developments are developed internally by the developers of the Aktor group
  • All client data is hosted entirely in France
  • Each proposed solution is accompanied by a promise of commitment when it comes to customer service and technical support