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On this page, you can read our clients and partners’ opinions of Kioskemploi. You will see the entirety of the reviews that our clients have submitted for us about the work we have done for them. If you are interested in working with us, or if you would like to leave a review about your successful collaboration with Kioskemploi, reach us through the contact form or call us on 04 37 60 25 40 specifying your requirements.

What clients and partners say about us :

Anne-Sophie Lasnier

Anne-Sophie Lasnier - Recruitement Manager

You have used Gestmax for several years now. Has this solution adapted easily to your activity and processes?

Yes, Gestmax has adapted to the constant evolution of our enterprise, and as a result to the increasing volume of applications that we receive. We have used Gestmax daily for 5 years now and we are extremely satisfied with it, and as a result, we have decided to expand the use of the software to all of our shops!

How would you rate the daily support provided by the Kioskemploi team?

We have an excellent relationship with the Kioskemploi team; they are readily available and reactive. In order to install the software in our shops we had to correspond very regularly, and despite the distance between us, our customer service manager was always at our disposal and provided good advice.

Emilie Bertrand April
Logo Groupe April

Emilie BERTRAND – Employer Brand Manager - April Group

What did you hope to achieve by acquiring a recruitment management software solution?

« Since our organisation is not centralised and several recruiters shift within our affiliate companies, we wanted to use a common tool in order to keep our offers and application management consistent... »

How did Kioskemploi support you?

« The team is always on hand to listen to your needs and requests for the evolution of the tools. »

How would you rate your use of recruitment software Gestmax?

« Gestmax is a very intuitive tool with numerous functions. A personalised dashboard allows you to adapt it to your company’s needs and to gain back precious time from repeated and useless activities: replies to candidates, read receipts, etc. »

Logo Groupe Alpha

Hélène Rufin - Recruitment Manager - Groupe Alpha

What did you hope to achieve by acquiring a recruitment management software solution?

Our aim was to make our recruitment activity more professional with a fast, efficient solution. We are a substantial consulting firm, with a large number of jobs and applications, and we needed a tool able to help us better manage the applications in terms of our internal procedures.

How did Kioskemploi support you in this process?

Being able to participate in the evolution of our GestPro tool into the more powerful GestMax prompted us to reflect on our processes, and how to manage them within the tool. We were especially well assisted by the client manager on our specifications. He listened to our needs in each step of the installation of this new tool… the training throughout each stage of the process coordinated perfectly by KioskEmploi allowed us to optimise our use of the tool.

We were also helped in the technical and logistical aspects. Furthermore, we discussed and reflected together about evolutions of the software that could be useful for us as well as future clients. Finally, they also aided us with the choice of the relevant media.

After several months (or years), what is your verdict of Gestmax recruitment software?

Gestmax has clear advantages: being a simple utility tool, ergonomically conceived and adapted to our recruitment needs. It allows the centralisation of information, multiposting of our adverts, management of our media plan, interaction with our internal managers, and an efficient response for candidates, which is the least we can do. The use of a tool like this allows us to structure our recruitment activity… from the basic replies to candidates, through to the more substantial reflections, and integrating the tool into all our interactions, followed by our managers. Yes, Gestmax allowed us to organise and structure our activity.

Logo Groupe Alpha

Isabelle EVRARD – Project and employer branding Manager – Castorama France

« Small but mighty – this is what we could say about Aktor! We have worked with this company for more than 6 years, mostly on Employer Brand and Recruitment communication.

We especially appreciate the breadth of ability within the company. For example, we were able to build our employment website by directly integrating Gestmax for the application management.

The ‘all-in-one’ solution has been a real advantage for us. It is also great to have contacts who, aside from their technical knowledge, are as willing to invest their time as if they were part of our own company.»

Didier Jourdanneau
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Didier JOURDANNEAU - Recruitment Manager - Chateaux & Hôtels Collection

What did you hope to achieve by acquiring a recruitment management software solution?

We chose Gestmax as part of a call for tender. It quickly became clear to us that the solution was the most appropriate in terms of our marketing position and the most efficient for our users: 500 hotels and restaurants.

How did Kioskemploi support you in this process?

In using the tool, we appreciated the efficiency of the Gestmax teams and particularly their speed of response to our requests about adapting the tool. We are in contact with our dedicated team member nearly daily, and he knows how to advise us and intervene effectively.

After several months (or years), what is your verdict of Gestmax recruitment software?

Since creating a recruitment site was a first for our team, we did not fully measure the extent of our users’ needs. Therefore, some modifications were necessary, and these were put in place swiftly. It is more than an all-in-one solution; it is the team’s follow-up and speed of reaction that we would hope for from a partner, and with this in mind, we were more than satisfied.