A recrutement software run entirely online

GestMax is an e-recrutement solution in Software as a service format. Entirely accessible online, the Saas mode does not require installation or an IT infrastructure on your part. We prioritised the fastest display performance and response times using proven technologies such as automatic load balancing on servers. This solution works on all computers, tablets and smartphones in a responsive design mode. All of our HR software is based in France in high-security data centres. See our technical promises.

Gestmax is made up of two parts: the candidate ‘front office’ and the recruiter ‘back office’.

The front office candidate area

Candidates apply in the front office area, integrated into your website in an iframe. They can send their applications directly through your website, or be redirected to an external site (job board, school, partner site, etc). Gestmax has an advert distribution module, Robopost, which is linked to hundreds of job boards worldwide. Gestmax can also be integrated into your intranet, allowing you to access your internal candidates as well (contributors, agents, etc) and see their mobility requests.

All of the front offices Kioskemploi offers are customizable: We take great care to ensure we respect the graphic design, font, colours, etc of each of our clients. As a general rule Kioskemploi can adapt your front office to the specifications of your website.

The back office: application management

The Gestmax back office is the recruiter’s space: it allows you to manage your postings, to distribute your adverts on all your employment sites and job boards, and to manage your applications.

The main functions of the software are as follows:

  • ‘Request for resources’ allows managers to specify their recruitment needs. Once these have been created, one or several verification process follow, during which you can adapt it based on your needs.
  • ‘Postings’ manage your post specification, the advert and publication. These can be automatically distributed on your website and with your main business partners
  • ‘Candidate workflow’ allows you to follow, classify and annotate your applications throughout the process. Of course, you can communicate with your candidates and exchange information internally, with all of this being logged in the software history.
  • ‘Recruitment sessions’ allow you to organise and manage your group interviews
  • ‘Talent pool’, with a personalised CV database, allows you to save and locate a specific application amongst tens of thousands thanks to a powerful search engine
  • ‘Statistics’ allow you to create your own databases with coloured graphics
  • ‘Configuration’ allows each recruiter to adapt and personalise a number of settings throughout the recruitment process.

Recruitment software to optimise your processes

Gestmax was created for companies with above-average recruitment needs, as an easy-to-use and intuitive solution.

The use of Gestmax allows companies to quadruple their productivity levels on administrative tasks linked to recruitment.

Almost entirely adaptable, GestMax is built around a central structure but each application of this is different. Understanding your needs and adapting the solution to your own processes are our key missions. As a result, you have the opportunity to develop your software without having to discuss it with the developer. It’s a win-win for you!

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